About me

I am currently a doctoral candidate at NC State University. I work on statistical techniques for financial risk estimation and their backtesting. I have also been a graduate instructor and I last taught Probability and Statistics for Engineers in Spring 2019.

Before moving to the US, I finished my Masters and Bachelors' degree in Statistics in India. I started as an Economics major in my undergraduate program and fell in love with Statistics along the way. Through my research I try to find ways to combine my passion for these two fields.

Apart from working, I like to take solo trips around the world. My first trip was to the northernmost state in India, Jammu and Kashmir. Famously known as the "heaven on earth", this disputed state between India and her neighbors presented a unique example of how political unrest shapes the cultural and economic stature of a demographic. The last trip I took was to Hong Kong in 2018. I loved that it is a beautiful city with a unique character combining British and Chinese influences.

Pahalgham, Jammu and Kashmir, India (2016): First (Indian) female solo traveler with Cox and Kings